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6th to 13th July 2025  
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The James Joyce Summer School offers a full week of learning complemented a social and culutral events each evening so you can take full advantage of living in Dublin for a week!


The academic programme consists of lectures which are held each morning in Newman House,  and week long seminars, containing approximately 10 students, which meet daily in the afternoons between 2 and 4pm. Seminars will be held on all of the key works by Joyce and are designed to allow students either to approach Joyce's fiction for the first time or to explore it in greater depth with local Joycean experts. This year, three afternoon workshops, from 4.30-6pm, will focus on the special material resources the National Library of Ireland's collections offer to Joyce researchers. The focus of the school, however,  is not exclusively academic. Students and speakers come from all walks of life and not just from universities. The aim of the Summer School is look at Joyce in an open and pluralist fashion and to consider all of the numerous contexts of his work which are of interest both to the scholar and to the general reader. In addition, a primary purpose of the school is to relate Joyce to Irish culture today and to consider the challenges which he poses for artists in contemporary Ireland.


Three credits are available for completion of the Summer School. Attendance at all the lectures and one of the weekly seminars is required, as well as an essay of 3,500 words which can be submitted after the School. Students interested in obtaining credit should make arrangements with the Director of the School, Prof. Anne Fogarty.


10.45-13.00 Lectures MoLI (Museum of Literature Ireland), 85-6 St Stephen's Green

14.00-16.00 Seminars MoLI (Museum of Literature Ireland), 85-6 St Stephen's Green


A varied programme of social events complements the schedule of lectures and seminars. It typically includes tours of Joycean Dublin with the James Joyce Centre, visits to concerts, to the Abbey Theatre, Glasnevin Cemetery and other local historic sights, and informal gatherings in the atmospheric pubs which abound in this city. The school is intimate, cosmopolitan, and convivial. The Joyce Summer School promises a stimulating and balanced mixture of cultural, social and academic events and offers you a chance to enjoy the vibrant charms of contemporary Dublin,  which is currently the most popular tourist destination in Europe. You are heartily welcome for one unforgettable week of fun and learning. See the Daily Social Programme schedule for details.


Opening Ceremony: details to be announced soon!


The Dublin James Joyce Summer School and University College Dublin are pleased to present the 2025 programme in collaboration with the National Library of Ireland and the James Joyce Centre, Dublin.

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